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Long Weekend Trip to Door County

The long weekend seemed like a good time for a family trip since Wendy and Sydney both had off so we headed up to Ephraim in Door County, WI. This is located up the “thumb” of Wisconsin on the Door Peninsula.

We left Whitefish Bay at about 5 on Friday for the 3-hour drive to DC. It was an uneventful trip except for the Luetenbach’s fire we saw just a couple of miles from our destination at the Hilltop Inn.

The Hilltop is really nice. We had a 2-bedroom suite and it was perfect for the weekend. That, and it was pay for two nights and get the third free!

Friday evening we just settled in and I did some prep work for a meeting I had with a client in the area on Saturday.

Saturday I had a meeting at Tannenbaum Holiday Shop where I am helping with marketing and web site stuff. Nice meeting with Ron, the owner. I shot about 200 pictures of the shop for future use. The Nikon D100 and Nikon SB-600 flash worked great!

After I got back form my meeting we headed to the Top of the Hill Shops in Fish Creek to look form some boots and mittens for Syd. She got a nice pair of Giordano mittens but no boots.

After the shopping we looked for a sledding hill and found the nice big one in Peninsula State park but it was TOO big for Sydney. We then headed to Pottawattamie State Park where they had a smaller hill from the Sydster.

While Wendy and Sydney were doing some runs on the hill I got out my Majko. It is an electric powered RC sailplane. Really sweet. I flew for about 30 minutes and could have flown longer but I am not sure how the LiPoly battery I am using in it likes the cold.

We went to dinner at PC Junction. They have a cool G-gauge or some large gauge train that runs along the top of the bar and delivers your order on flat cars. Syd loved it! No derailments today and the food was good. I really like their Chile.

Saturday evening Wendy, Sydney and I watched Elf. Pretty funny that Will Farrell!

I woke up at 6:15 on Sunday morning hoping for some good sunrise light to shoot the Tannenbaum shop but when I looked out the window it was snowing pretty hard and the wind was kicking about 25 plus so I closed the blinds and hit the sack for a couple more hours. Nice!

Sunday night Wendy and I watched The Usual Suspects. Last time she watched it she fell asleep. What a travesty! Well, this time she made it to the end and so finally saw one of my favorites!

The only real disappointment of the whole trip for me, besides having to go home, was that I never got good light for the exterior shot of the Tannenbaum building. Maybe Photoshop will be the ticket. Worst case I guess I’ll have to go back and do it again. Oh, Darn!

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