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Slopeflying at Atwater Beach 02-26-05

Mirko and I got out and flew some today. We hit Atwater beach about 2PM and were met with a light northeast wind but that was OK. I had the Weasel and the Alula. Both nice light air planes. Plus, the wind-chill was almost nonexistant.

I flew the Weasel first and there was enough wind, probably about 7 or 8 MPH, for loops and rolls. Mostly I just did a bunch of close to the lip flying using a sign and a weed for turn points on a mini race course.

Mirko tried his 100-inch ASW 27 but there just was not quite enough for it to fly.

Next I flew the Alula. One of the reasons I got this plane was to see if it is better in light air at the slope than the Weasel and today was a good day to try the comparison.

Mirko was clicking away like mad with my Nikon D100.

Greg flying his Alula. The view is looking northeast from Atwater Beach

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