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How Frequently to Check Email

I am sure there has been a ton of discussion on the topic of how often to check email. At present I have 19 email accounts that have some activity. 7 of them I need to use daily. I had Entourage set to check every 45 minutes thinking I’d really like to get back to people in a timely manner. If you talk to folks I communicate with you’d know that isn’t always true!

Today I reset the scheduler to 3 hours. I doubt this will make any difference in how quickly I get back to folks and it will mean that I don’t have to be distracted every 45 minutes to spend 15 minutes doing emails. Then another 15 getting back into whatever project I was working on.

My plan is to check once when I start in the AM then let the scheduler do its thing throughout the day and hope that this makes me a bit more productive since I won’t get distracted so often.

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