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iPod Photo 40GB

I recently got a 40GB iPod Photo to replace my aging Gen 1 5GB model. I bought it when the new iPhotos came out for a good price. Now the 30GB and new 60GB are the available iPod Photo models. So far I am happy with the new unit. It has allowed me to take my whole music library with me, given me the space to load in some Podcasts, let me load in a gallery of my daughter to have with me and still have 20GB of free space for files.

My real justification for the purchase was to load pix from my Nikon D100 on it when I am in the field. Sure hope the new camera link from Apple works with the D100! According to the KB article at Apple the test outlined there says it will. When I clicked Device Options in Image Capture the D100 says “mass” so it seems like it should. I’ll let you know when I get the connector.

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