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On My Way to Atlanta for a Webmaster/Editor Conference

The National BMW club, the BMW CCA, holds an editors and webmasters conference every couple of years. This time it is in Atlanta. I’ll, of course, be attending the webmaster side of things. Nick Usborne will be one of the speakers. Your’s truly gets to follow Nick! Whoo Hoo! I’ll be talking about using Content Management Systems for club sites. Inexpensive or free versions since most chapters do not have a big budget for their sites.

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Back at Home!

The 4-day trip to South Dakota for an RC Sailplane get together ended with my return to the homestead about 10PM last night. 9 hours driving each way, but it was worth it!

It was a great few days of flying with about 15 slope soaring friends. 3 slopes over 4 days gave us a variety of conditions and action from slermals to decent DS conditions.

Keep your eyes peeled for an update at complete with pix!

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Heading to South Dakota for Some Slope Flying

5:30AM will come pretty early for me, I normally like to get up about 8, but for a trip to the promised land of slope flying I guess I’ll make the sacrifice. Mirko, Dave and I making the trip in Mirko’s van, packed with about 35 or 40 slope sailplanes! Should be a good time. South Dakota has some really nice places to fly.

Check out for updates and pix when I get back on Sunday.

New Computer For My Mom

It has been several years since my mom used a computer at work and she has been making noises about wanting one for home for the last few months, if not more. At first I was going to piece something together from the several old Macs around the Smith household but the units not currently being used are barely OS X compatible and I would not put mom on OS 9. So, I hunted for used units for a while but Apple must have seen the need because they introduced the Mac Mini. Just what mom needs!

It took a bit of time to gather up the peripheral items but I got it all together and went over to her house yesterday to set it up. Actually, I set it up at my house the day before and spent about 8 hours playing with it! The Mini seems very capable and even with only 256mb of RAM it seems fine for what she will use it for. I banged on it for a while trying to see where the weakness may be but really didn’t find any even with several apps open.

I burned several discs in iTunes and the speed was fine. I added a bunch of pix and tried several of the editing features in iPhoto 5 which I found really nice. I usually use Photoshop and iView but I was pleasantly surprised at the capability of iPhoto.

The first couple of things mom wants to do are email and web browsing so I got her going on that. So far, so good. She seems really excited to have the Mini. Hope it gives her good service and lots of fun. Digital camera is next!

MarsEdit Test for Posting to This Blog

I’ve been looking for a blog editing client that runs locally so I can write while I am on the road and have the articles ready to post when I get access again. Thus the test of this here tool, MarsEdit from Ranchero Software.

I updated with, unfortunately, an article about the loss of one of our fellow slope pilots.

So, let’s see if this goes!

OK, looks like it uploaded fine. Took a bit of poking around to find the settings but it seems to work. Now to live with it for a while.

FYI, the Mars Edit instructions do say it is WordPress compatible, which it seems like it is but the documentation is sparse at this time. There is better info for:

Blosxom and Blosxom-compatible
Movable Type
Radio UserLand

There you have it!

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