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MarsEdit Test for Posting to This Blog

I’ve been looking for a blog editing client that runs locally so I can write while I am on the road and have the articles ready to post when I get access again. Thus the test of this here tool, MarsEdit from Ranchero Software.

I updated with, unfortunately, an article about the loss of one of our fellow slope pilots.

So, let’s see if this goes!

OK, looks like it uploaded fine. Took a bit of poking around to find the settings but it seems to work. Now to live with it for a while.

FYI, the Mars Edit instructions do say it is WordPress compatible, which it seems like it is but the documentation is sparse at this time. There is better info for:

Blosxom and Blosxom-compatible
Movable Type
Radio UserLand

There you have it!

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