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Organizing Photos

Whoo, doggie! I should have been better about keeping track of my digital photos for the past few years. I am cleaning off the Capture drive on my powerbook preparing to upgrade to OS X 10.4 tiger and it looks like a bomb went off on that thing. So, while I am transferring them to my external Photo drive I am also backing them up to CD. Still need a good naming convention. Right now the one that makes most sense to me is the event and the date as the directory name for a specific project. I just need to follow it!

For individual projects I have been using iView MediaPro for a few years and like it a lot. I guess I could just keep a master iView file for everything too. I like how easy iPhoto is to use but it still lacks some functionality I want. I do use it for specific things like making a book though.

One of my favorite features in iView is the HTML export feature. I made some templates for and can now make web galleries really easily. See some galleries here.

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Tiger upgrade killed my Kung Tunes! (maybe)

So far that is the only thing I’ve noticed that is not working correctly. I get an error in the Kung Tunes app that says:

“Upload failed with error code: The command exited with a non-zero status.”

whatever that means. I assume it is related to the “curl” function that used to upload the changed files to my blog server. Could have been a security update plugging a hole too. I just noticed it when I installed Tiger on the machine I use for iTunes.

I do have a work around but it is not ideal. I have Interarchy running an FTP disk for my blog site and have it set to Mirror Both Ways and just have Kung Tunes publishing to a local directory for the site then when Interarchy notices it has a changed file it goes ahead and uploads the new track files. Seems to work for now.

If you know how to get Kung Tunes back in action, I’d like to hear about it.

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Back Home, Finally!

Well, I made it back from the West Coast swing to the Tri-Slope Six-Pack and the ISR Spring PSS Fest, two of the premier rc slope soaring events in the US.

The minor inconvenience of the mini-van’s misfire issue was resolved at Roy’s Grand Dodge-Chrysler. Good service and the vehicle seems to be working fine.

I’ve been trying to get caught up before on real world life before I head to Kansas for the Third Jewel in this seasons Slope Soaring Triple Crown, the Midwest Slope Challenge. If you are going I’ll see you at Jack’s on Thursday evening if not on the slope earlier in the day!

Stuck in Grand Island, Nebraska

I’m on the way home from the Spring PSS Festival in California and am now sitting in a coffee shop called Grounds to Go in Grand Island, NE waiting for word on why the Chrysler Van is running like crap. Somehow on the way into or the way out of the ISR flying site at Cajon Pass in CA the #5 spark plug wire decided to come loose. I got that handled in CA and thought it was running fine. Now the gremlin is back. Maybe the wire got schmowed. I’m waiting for the call!

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