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Organizing Photos

Whoo, doggie! I should have been better about keeping track of my digital photos for the past few years. I am cleaning off the Capture drive on my powerbook preparing to upgrade to OS X 10.4 tiger and it looks like a bomb went off on that thing. So, while I am transferring them to my external Photo drive I am also backing them up to CD. Still need a good naming convention. Right now the one that makes most sense to me is the event and the date as the directory name for a specific project. I just need to follow it!

For individual projects I have been using iView MediaPro for a few years and like it a lot. I guess I could just keep a master iView file for everything too. I like how easy iPhoto is to use but it still lacks some functionality I want. I do use it for specific things like making a book though.

One of my favorite features in iView is the HTML export feature. I made some templates for and can now make web galleries really easily. See some galleries here.

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