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Local Custard Stands Vie for Reunion Kudos

Bill and Linda have been the most active in finding, and sampling, the wares from several local custard stands. The pair has visited Gillie’s, Kopp’s (several times due to its proximity to the reunion activities) and Leon’s. They also plan to hit a Culver’s in search of the best in the area. At this point Bill says they will need to stop at each again at least once more to confirm their initial impressions. We await the results!

My observations:

  • I am going to give Kopp’s the nod mostly because it is 6 blocks from my house.
  • I liked Leon’s for its 50’s feel.
  • Gillie’s has been a Milwaukee staple for years but the nearest location is 10 miles away so I don’t get there often.
  • Culver’s has become too big and homogenized although I do still enjoy a malt there from time to time.
  • LoDuc’s in Delafield has custard puffs which make it tops when I can get out there!

On with the testing!

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