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More Smith Family Reunion Goings On

Saturday was a pretty food oriented day for the reunion attendees beginning with a great brunch at Papa and Susan’s house. Assorted champagne based drinks loosened up the guests and we had lots of excellent food choices to eat. Many bellys left a little more than full!

After brunch the kids went swimming at the hotel where some of the out-or-town guests were staying.

While the kids were swimming I had planned to do some work at the new warehouse space but forgot my key. I also noticed the wind was subtly blowing out of the east and it had been quite a while since I got to do any flying so I loaded up a couple of light planes and went to the Gun Club in Cudahy. The wind was light but the lift was OK and I got in several flights. Michael and Mirko also showed up for some needed flying. Report at

We had our big reunion dinner at Botana’s Restaurant, a great Mexican restaurant, in the Walker’s Point district of Milwaukee. Margaritas were flowing, the food was really good.

Jenny and Wendy had arranged for all the dinner attendees to get Botana’s t-shirts and also provided Fabric Markers so we could all sign each others shirts. This was a bunch of fun and reading what other’s had written provided a lot of laughter and banter.

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