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Michael Crichton’s State of Fear

Got this book recently and blew through it in a couple of days.

It is a good thriller with a controversial look at Global Warming and Eco Terrorism. It is a work of fiction but Michael spent three years researching, and provides foot notes for, a vast body of research on the topics the characters in the story deal with. No matter what your position on these issues I hope you check out the book, keep an open mind while reading it, and then begin asking some real questions about how “scientific” information is presented. Both sides of the argument distort the true data to suit their view and if you are any kind of conspiracy theorist, the State of Fear is surly no joke.

There are a bunch of online reviews if you are interested in a plot outline, just do a Google search!

“State Of Fear” (Michael Crichton)

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  1. It occured to me that by running the paragraph all together I may have mucked up my point. I am not trying to sat Michael’s research is in question, more that the original “scientific” research is. When I mention “scientific” information I hope the question is who is paying for the research. I’ll bet most of the time the money spender gets what they want, on either side of the argument. Works that way everywhere else, why should science be any different?

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