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Mini SR Build Thread on RCgroups

I am doing a build thread on the Mini SR from SkyKing RC on RCGroups. FYI a build thread follows the construction progress of the plane from the kit to the finished, flying plane.

The Mini SR is a 42 inch span slope plane that looks like a jet. Should be fast and it sure looks cool!

The thread address is:

It will look similar to the photo but with a different color scheme. I am thinking Orange and purple right now.

Mini SR

Back From the August F3F Event in Kansas

I rolled into town a couple of hours ago and am trying to get caught up.

We didn’t get the kind of conditions we wanted but we did get in a 4 round event.

Here is how they finished.

Results for 08-20-05

1 – 3846.31 – Todd Martin – Flash
2 – 3826.80 – Mike Bailey – Nemesis
3 – 3783.97 – Greg Smith Viper/Passion
4 – 3486.39 – Jack Cooper Mini Charisma/2.5 Meter Discus 2B
5 – 3438.21 – Erik Eaton – Banana
6 – 3360.46 Ian – Sting
7 – 3131.99 – Merrell Anderson – Banana
8 – 2570.57 – Chance Cooper – Vortex
9 – 1980.30 Andrew Lumberjack/2.5-Meter Discus 2B

For more coverage see:

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Lightning Nationals View From a Laser 28

The Junior’s, Women’s and Master’s Lightning Class Nationals sail boat races are being hosted at Milwaukee Yacht Club this week. I had the opportunity to join Russ on his Laser 28 for an up close view of the racing action.

With the recent launch of, the chance to try my photo chops in a new venue and get some great content for the web site was very cool. I’ll be posting pix soon but here is one quick one.

Ligntning 01

Been Working on the Mambo Installation for

So far, so good. Mambo is very capable so finding the best way to display the information we are collecting for the Junior Sailor web site will take some more time but I have confidence that Mambo can handle it. Just need a bit more time figuring the ins and outs of the system. i have tried several ways to categorize info and will find out what is best for each type of information as we go.

After we get the structure figured out we will work on the display to tidy up the presentation. It is cool to be able to add content knowing that whatever changes to the look and feel of the site are independent of the data. The power of CMS!

The site is at:

Bruegger’s Stop

I hit Bruegger’s today for an Everything w/cream cheese. Got a toasted version for my pop. He didn’t remember having Bruegger’s before and really liked it. He doesn’t get out of the house much anymore and is always game for a bagel!

Another good reason to stop at Bruegger’s in our neighborhood is that Stone Creek Coffee is right next door. MUCH better Mocha that Starbuck’s!

FYI, I have been mostly going to Johnathan’s for the past few months. Guess habits are hard to break.

Apple Mighty Mouse

I ordered my Apple Mighty Mouse from Amazon today. Looks like a couple of weeks before I get it.

One of the reason’s I am trying it, besides my obvious suckerism for anything Apple, is that my current mouses, a Macally ioptinet and a Macally iceMouse, have a scrool wheel which I use all the time but occasionally get a sore paw from. I really like these two mice which are really identical except for color but if the new button deal on the Apple mouse is easier on my hand that would be cool with me. More when I get it!

“Apple Mighty Mouse” ()

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Building a Mambo Site.

I am working on my first Mambo installation. Very cool! So far I’ve managed to figure most everything out without a manual. I did look over the install notes first, of course, but once the install was running it seems pretty intuitive. I have installed new themes, Bots, modules and components and they all seem to work well. I am impressed with the development community.

I am running this at my host on Apache, MySQL and PHP.

The site will be up in a couple of days at The Mambo install is now at Still working at it and it will it change but so far so good and it is a super open source CMS.

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