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Scott Sigler’s Earthcore Podcast Audio Book

Paudio Book. Billed as the first Podcast novel this Sci-Fi story came in 20 installments as Podcasts. I came late to the game and started getting the episodes about number 15. By the time I made my recent trip to South Dakota I had all the Episodes and listened to the book while on the way to and from SD in the van. Each episode was about 45 minutes so the total was pretty close to the total driving time there and back. Because I listened to them back to back in the vehicle I didn’t suffer from the EarthCrack withdrawls that folks who listened to each weekly episode had to endure.

I found the book to be entertaining not withstanding Scott’s sometimes iffy accents. I’m sure I couldn’t do as well!

The story follows a mining expedition 3 miles down into the Earth where they encounter lots of unexpected things. There is plenty of bloodshed and horror to keep you entertained.

Already over 10,000 people have downloaded the Podcasts and Scott has a print version available at Amazon.

Check it out at

He is just starting a new Paudio Book called Ancestor. I’m looking forward to it!

Loving my Kensington Stereo Dock for the iPod

I’ve been using this thing almost every day for a month and I am stoked. It is a really super product. I’ve been listening to podcasts, my music library and audio books and everything works and sounds great.

I am using it with my 40gig iPod Photo. I have it at my office/shop hooked up to my older Denon amp driving a pair of AR TSW-610s. No problem filling the 1200 sq/ft shop.

I use the remote from time to time. It is about 20 feet from where I normally work to the Kensington Stereo Dock and it works well. I like how it lights up to let me know I’ve hit a button, that and the iPod lights too. I can skip forward or back and adjust volume. Nice.

I also like that the base is solid, has a light and a back rest for my iPod.

The dock also keeps the iPod charged. This is much better than my old setup which was just a line out of the headphone jack to the input of the Denon.

The unit also works with the Mini. Very cool!

Kensington Stereo Dock for iPod

slopeflyer podcasts

Not sure the world really needs these but they were fun to do and got me anxious to do more so I have a few little technical dealies coming to help make the show a bit more professional sounding.

I never did any radio of anything in the past but I do have a real passion and a pretty good knowledge base about radio control slope soaring so that is what the slopeflyer podcasts are about. I posted the first 3. All mobile recordings at:

We’ll see how long it takes to get bandwidth issues!

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