schmenzer speaks!

Happy Meal Me!

It has been quite a while since I saw Super Size Me but I began a McDonald’s strategy after I caught a point in the movie that I knew but had put in the back of my mind. Essentially the Happy Meal hamburger and fries are the same size as the original hamburger and fries that I got at Mickey D’s 25 years ago. The burger, fries and drinks have just been getting bigger and bigger. So, because I actually like McDonald’s now and again I have adopted the Happy Meal Strategy. I just order a hamburger Happy Meal instead of the old Number 3. Saves money, calories and I get a toy for Sydney plus I still get all that great McDonald’s flavor!

Note that this doesn’t apply on those rare days I get breakfast at the Golden Arches but I figure the Bagel Meals are not terrible and I don’t get them that often so no harm, no foul!

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