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Direct from Shanghai to Me, My iPod Video!

Apple shipped FedEx from China on Oct 17, I got the 60 Gig, black beauty in Wisconsin on Oct 18th. Wow, ain’t modern transportation cool!

Here it is next to my 40 Gig iPod Photo. The larger screen is clearly noticeable and it seems brighter and sharper in person. you can also see the smaller click wheel. I think the smaller size actually works better for me.

Video iPod Black

I think the video capability is pretty neat and I have some plans for a few iPod formatted video podcasts that show slope soaring tips or new slopes but the main thing I got it for is the now high quality audio recording capability. I was always surprised that the past iPods were hobbled in this department. I assume this was a concession to the music industry but with a ton of other devices out there capable of high quality recordings it just did not make sense any more. Now we just need a compatible microphone! The manual that comes with the new pod says the microphone will connect through the dock connector. Sounds good. I want one!

I am also looking forward to the larger drive since the 40 Gig Photo has about 1.2 Gigs left. It was almost time to start pruning!

This picture shows how much thinner the new iPod is compared to the old Photo. It is more comfortable in the pocket and just feels “right” in the hand.

Video iPod Compare to Photo

I’ll give more impressions after I use it a bit. Now, how about that microphone!

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