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New Reviews at RC Hobby Resource

I got a couple of reviews posted for 1/18 scale rc trucks at the RC Hobby Resource site. I’ve had these guys for awhile and have been having fun with them in the backyard. I have a Losi Mini-T and an Associated RC18T. The best part for me is teaching my 6-year old daughter how to drive a radio control vehicle! She is getting pretty good at it. I built a track that is about 20 x 60 feet and has a few whoops, jumps and turns. She navigates around it well. Right now the RC18 is faster but that is OK because she needs a bit more practice. I’m sure that in no time she will be giving me a run for my money.

See My Article in Model Aviation Magazine

Thanks to Dave Garwood for turning over the “Soaring” column to me for a month so I could do a report and publish some pix from the Slope Safari Jack Cooper and I took Spring of 2005. Most of the coverage is about the journey and the Tri-Slope Six-Pack in Washington. There is a bit about the Spring PSS Fest but Dave did a story on that so I didn’t hit it too hard.

My article is in the December issue. Yep, I took most of those pretty pix for the column as well!

Model Aviation is published by the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) and has a circulation of over 150,000 and a readership of close to 400,000. Very cool!

Hanging with Drew

I had lunch with Drew from the Dawn and Drew show today. Nice guy!

Drew is a fellow RC pilot and we met at the local hobby shop to talk a little model stuff and for him to pick up a receiver for his new 4D Lite from Tufflight. Should be a really cool plane for indoor and backyard shenanigans. I am working on one as well. The 12 degree temperature outside today reminded me that indoor season is coming fast.

After the model stuff Drew hipped me to a great Thai restaurant where we had lunch. I forgot the name but I know right where it is and I’ll be going back! Hwy 100 in West Allis,WI.

Got my New Powerbook Yesterday

17 inch, G4! Got it mostly for the increased real estate to work with on the screen. I was hoping the new 15 inch would have been the way to go but when I saw the 1680-by-1050 as well as the 120GB drive, I was sold. The only thing it needs is more RAM. Coming soon from OWC!

I got the new Powerbook from Amazon because they had a $200 rebate!

I opened the box, fired the new ‘book up and went through a couple of minutes of set up. I then came to a screen that asked if I had an old computer. Yes, I said. It told me to hook up a FireWire cable and start the old machine in target disk mode, which I did. It gave me a list of directories to choose to transfer from, I chose and it began to suck all the files, applications, user data, well, everything actually and gave me a 3.5 hour ETA to finish 54GB of transfer. I left to do some other work and when I came back I had a new computer that is almost an exact copy of my old one. How cool is that?

The physical size of the new machine is not THAT much larger than the TiBook 800 it is replacing but it seems quite a bit larger because of all the cables plugging in to the sides. Easier access but sort of like it has wings I should look out for. The TiBook had all rear facing ports.

In the office I use a Griffin iCurve, an Apple keyboard and a Mighty Mouse. I also normally used an ethernet cable to the router for the file transfer speed because the TiBook was only 802.11b but with the g card in the new ‘book I am going to try it without for a while. That keeps me from having to plug into the tight side of the new 17.

So, I haven’t done all that much work yet but every app I’ve opened so far has worked perfectly. No serial numbers needed to be reentered, passwords all work. Things seem a bit slower that the TiBook in some respects but I am assuming it is the lack of RAM. I’ll let you know when I get the new sticks in a couple of days. Might have a bit to do with the 5400rpm drive too but I hope not too much. The old machine has a 60GB 7200rpm drive in and if I remember right I noticed a speed increase when I added that drive. We’ll see.

More later!

How I beat on OS X

It occurred to me today how much I beat on OS X at least it sure seems like beating to me. I rarely think about what is open, what the computer might be doing between key strokes, whether another program is opening, closing, saving or whatever. I just do what I need to do and the Mac really never complains.

I work on the TiBook a lot still which is kind of weird because the Dual G5 with the 23-inch Cinama is sitting right here but I mostly use that computer for Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and various Audio apps and not as a communication platform. Read more

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