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How I beat on OS X

It occurred to me today how much I beat on OS X at least it sure seems like beating to me. I rarely think about what is open, what the computer might be doing between key strokes, whether another program is opening, closing, saving or whatever. I just do what I need to do and the Mac really never complains.

I work on the TiBook a lot still which is kind of weird because the Dual G5 with the 23-inch Cinama is sitting right here but I mostly use that computer for Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and various Audio apps and not as a communication platform.

?The main reason I use the TiBook is that it is my communications hub. I like to have all me info with me when I cruise out of the abode. If I were smarter maybe I could figure out a seamless way to use the G5 all the time because I sure do love that display and the TiBook screen resolution is pretty crowed prompting me to think about a new ‘book.

I also do all my web development on the TiBook mostly because I like to have it with me if I leave the house. My method of working on sites is to do work when I am in the right mood and I never know exactly when or where that will be!
?The TiBook is an 800mhz with 1 Gig of RAM and here is a list of typically open programs:

Omni Outliner
iView Media Pro
BBEdit?Net News Wire
Text Edit
Spam Seive

Typically these are running all the time and rare is the problem! Works for me!

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  1. Greg: I feel the same way – I probably have 4000 hours on my TiBook with 1 Gig and it is just bulletproof.

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