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Overdose on Soaring – 2006

I’m down at my friend Jim’s with a dozen or more avid rc sailplane pilots having a mid-winter get together. We are even getting some flying in! Dave and I have been to the Saylorville Dam a couple of times for some slope soaring and the flying was good but pretty cold. Especially today with 33-degree temps and 40-plus winds! Look for a report on soon.

Dave took this shot that shows how windy it was!


MacBook Pro – the First Intel Mac Portable

Apple announced the MacBook Pro which has a 1.67 or 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo processor, built-in iSight, the new MagSafe connector (to keep your precious ‘book from becoming a missile when someone trips on your power cord) and ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics cards.

I ordered one (the 1.67 version with 100Gig, 7200RPM drive and more memory) and hope it delivers on what my 17-inch PowerBook really failed to do. Replace my beloved TiBook. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to like about the 17-inch ‘book, especially that big, gorgeous display, but it really has turned out to be too big for my mobile needs so I will sell it and hope the new MacBook fits the bill.

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Happy New Year, All!

Wendy, Sydney and I spent a pretty quiet night at home for our New Year’s Eve. It was the first that Syd stayed up to watch the ball drop on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Show. She even made it to midnight local time and so got to celebrate twice!

I’m looking forward to 2006. I’ve got a few resolutions in mind that I’d already started working on in late ’05. Some will last. If the past is any indication, some will not. I do what I can!

2006 will see the birth of our son in May and that looks to be the biggest event we are likely to see for the year but I imagine there will be other memorable times as well.

I hope you and yours have a happy and prosperous 2006!

Grado SR-60 Stereo Headphone Review

Whoa! These Grado SR-60 headphones are great!

I got them to help with Mixdown tasks when using my Yamaha AW-16G DAW and they are better than the old stand-by Beyer Dynamic DT-550s I’ve been using, well, it seems like forever! Don’t get me wrong, the Beyers are still a great set of headphones after at least 15 years of use and I think it is cool that there are still parts available for the Beyers. I bought a new set of the foam ear covers that had worn out over the years only last year! But the need for a second set of phones, as well as a set I could use with my 60Gig iPod, sent me on a hunt for a new set. Older phones like the DT-550s just don’t work well with the iPod unless you have a headphone amp and that is kind of defeating the purpose.
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