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Groovesquad Live VinylTap Podcast #3 is Up

We have posted the 3rd VinylTap podcast co-produced by RC and Katie of Groovesquad Live and yours truly. The latest episode includes an interview with electronica musician Danin.

Producing this episode was great! We were efficient and everything went smoothly. I like it when things work that way. Now I just need to get that flow going with my slopeflyer podcast!

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Apple ships MacBook Pros with faster processors

Saw this on MacWorld UK today. i am sure a lot of other sites have the news too. Cool thing is I have a MacBook Pro on order since the day after the MacWorld announcement so, hopefully, I’ll get more than I bargained for!

Apple ships MacBook Pros with faster processors:
Apple has begun shipping the top-end MacBook Pro with processor speed up to 2.0GHz, from 1.83GHz.

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eBay Listing Tool GarageSale Gets Updated

If you are on a Mac and listing on eBay you should be using GarageSale. It makes it possible to do ebay listings right from your desktop.

I’ve been using GarageSale for several months and really like it. One of the best features is that I can do work to list items even when I am offline. Then I find an access point and upload all the listings at once. Very nice. There are a lot of other nice features like iPhoto integration and a nice collection of templates to give your listing a good look.

The easy to use eBay listing tool has been updated to version 2.0.3.

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