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MacBook Pro 1.83 Dual Core Arrived!

I got my MacBook Pro on Monday. First impressions, so far, so good!

I got the 1.83 Dual Core with a 7200-RPM, 100GB Hard Drive and 1GB of RAM. It shipped from Shanghai on Thursday and I had it in my hands on Monday. FedEx is cool!

The first thing I did was to shoot a few shots of the packaging and some comparison photos with my Titanium Powerbook and my 17-inch G4. Yeah, I am a gear whore…

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The first thing I did was to shoot a few shots of the packaging and some comparison photos with my Titanium Powerbook and my 17-inch G4. Yeah, I am a gear whore and an Apple whore to boot. I seem to buy most of what Apple puts out and am rarely disappointed.


Here’s what you get in the box.


Size Comparison with my Tibook 800


The old and the new. Tibook 800 on the left and Macbook Pro on the right.


Comparison with my 17-inch G4. That 17 is still a lot bigger!


17-inch Powerbook G4 on the left and the Macbook Pro on the right.

After the initial exam I set up the Tibook and MacBook Pro with a Firewire connection to suck all my data off the Tibook. I have used the Apple migration assistant several times now and it always amazes me that every thing ends up in the right place and, for the most part, works just like it did on the old computer. I had about 70GB of data and it took about 2 hours and 15 minutes to transfer.

So, with all the data transferred, I continued the startup. One surprising thing was that the iSight camera fires up and I was looking at myself on the screen. You can use an iSight picture for the Login screen. Not sure how useful that is but the iSight is cool. I used it later with PhotoBooth and took some pix with my seven-year old daughter. She loves looking at herself on the screen!

It is Thursday today, so I have been using the MacBook for 3 days and have been working about 10-12 hours a day on it with very few issues. Here is a list of programs I have used to do real work:

  • Interarchy
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Photoshop
  • Entourage
  • Word
  • Ecto
  • GoLive
  • iView MediaPro
  • NetNewsWire Lite
  • Quicken
  • QuickBooks Pro
  • Excel
  • Lightroom
  • iTunes

All the above apps are usable and seem faster than the native programs running on the Tibook. In addition I have fired up all the iLife apps, used FrontRow with the remote and opened up many other apps just to see if they would function. All seem to work well.

The only glitches Iíve noticed are a bit of crackly sound from the Entourage notification sound and that the MacBook seems to slow down a bit after a lot of apps are run for several hours. Iíve resorted to restarting every four hours or so for now. Something I have not really had to do since my early OS X days. The Tibook is so solid that I rarely ever restart it. I do have 1GB of RAM installed, maybe 2GB would be better!
Networking seems faster. Not the transfer rate but the computer finding other computer to connect to. I used to wait a bit on the Tibook.

Battery life with no concessions to power conservation, running Safari and Firefox over the WiFi network, playing shared iTunes over the WiFi network, running the screen at near maximum brightness, burning CDs etc, I get about two and a half hours. This seems about on par with the amount of life Iíd get from the Tibook under the same usage conditions. I can never seem to get long battery life anyway so, to me, this is a non-issue.


MacBook power brick on the left and the Tibook on the right.

The screen is really bright and looks great. The 1440 X 900 resolution is about right for me on this size screen and the extra pixels over the Tibook are welcome. If I need a real pixel-fest I just need to use my G5 with the 23-inch Cinema display. Running the MacBook side-by-side with the Cinema display shows me the MacBook is really good. I think the Cinema is just a bit smoother but the brightness is very similar.

I already had an opportunity to test out the magnetic power connection when I stepped on the cord by accident. It just pulled out like it is supposed to. Only one bummer here, I canít use any of my older power adapters of which I have several. Seems I have forgotten the power adapter on more than one trip and needed to buy one on the road. On the up side I always had one on the desk at home, one at the studio and one in the laptop bag. I guess Iíll be buying more power adapters.

So, my initial impressions are good and I look forward to getting more Intel native applications so I can take advantage of the MacBook Proís speed. Meanwhile, it seems like it will be a good friend. I already feel more comfortable with it than I did with my 17-inch Powerbook G4 and if it can someday take my Tibookís place in my heart it will have come a long way.

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