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Starting From Scratch on the MacBook

Some gremlin made it onto my MacBook and kept interfering with the ability to open programs. I think it was related to Entourage but could not nail it down and figured that I should just start from scratch with a fresh install of the OS and all the programs I use regularly to see if it would go away or reappear. So far, so good!

When I first got the MacBook I transfered all the settings and files via the wizard that is one of the first things you’ll see when you start a new Apple Computer. The idea is great and for the last several times I’ve done it I had no problems. Well, at least not that ever showed themselves to me but I think the system had a bunch of baggage that was not needed. I noticed preferences from 2001! So a fresh install seemed like a good idea and, as I said, so far, so good.

I have about a week of working and installing all the programs I use nearly every day. This was more work that I thought but the MacBook has not been shut down since the erase and install of OS X. Much of the time spent to this point was finding serial numbers, install disks and getting some important files like the QuickBooks data file and Sambucus time stuff together, installed in the right place and humming along again. Of course I did have to do a bit of “real” work but this whole project has set me behind a few days so hopefully the smooth running MacBook makes me productive enough to catch up!

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