schmenzer speaks!

Good to be back!

Yeah, it has been a while. Quite a few life changy things and more work than normal, coupled with not feeling tip-top for the past week or so, has been a challenge.

My dad passed away peacefully on April 6th after declining health related to Alzheimer’s and an auto accident about 15 years ago that left him partially immobilized. I set up a site to honor him and will be adding stories and photos as time goes on. I sure do miss that guy.

A little over a month later my son, Garrett, was born. I wish he could have met my pop and vise-versa. Garrett is super cool and while he does not do much more than eat, poop and sleep he is beginning to smile a lot and seems to be more aware of what is going on around him. He’ll have to have a site soon as well! I already set up an email for him it is garrett(at) if you want to send him a note.

Finally, I’m catching up on work and have a couple of big projects just about done. Working on something for over a year is a task I have not done for quite a while and I am looking forward to wrapping up. More when that is done.

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