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Wil Shipley’s $10,000 Bet That Vista Will Not Be Shipping By January 2007.

Wil Shipley has posted a $10,000 dollar bet to Bill Gates that Vista will not ship in January. Not withstanding Wil’s confidence and pocketbook, the article is good humor for those that are following the Vissta debacle and laughing all the way. Wish I had the guts, and backing, to have made the bet and Wil’s way with words.

Just a portion from Wil

“You said, “If the feedback from the beta tests shows it is not ready for prime time, I’d be glad to delay it.” Glad? Really? Well, get used to happiness, I guess. Because you know that, if you’re lucky, in January you’re going to squirm and weasel and release a “limited version” that you “recommend” only for, uh, say, professional IT guys who only have one eye, and suicide kings. Then, when you get a bunch of press on how crappy that version of Vista is, you’ll quietly cut more and more features from it until you end up with the “home” version, which will look mysteriously like XP with some new paint.”


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