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Schlick Cycles New Idea for the Way We Ride Bicycles

I started working with John Schlick, a Milwaukee area computer programmer, who invented a new take on the bicycle. We are just getting started but I am really excited about the design. It rides great and addresses some biking issues that have kind of sidelined me as bike rider for the past few years.

The Schlick Shark is basically a cross between a City bike and a Recumbent, combining many of the pros of each without the cons, all with a very visually appealing design to boot.

Schlick’s twist on the venerable bicycle design includes a special frame on which the seat can slide backward or forward along a rail that arcs over the rear wheel. That lets both short and tall riders use the same bike, with anyone able to rest both feet on the ground without rising from the saddle.

“It’s (a) really comfortable riding position, kind of like a touring motorcycle,” Schlick said.

He calls his bike the Schlick Shark, after the fin-like profile the back end of the frame suggests.

InterBike 2006 in Las Vegas

I am waiting Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee for the three and a half hour flight to Las Vegas. I got here 75 minutes in advance of the flight but made it to the gate in about 15 minutes including checking a bag and so have an hour to kill before the flight leaves.The check-in procedure went fine. The security checkpoint was pretty quick too. Everyone seemed to breeze through pretty easily. I only noticed one guy who didn’t seem to know the latest contraband list and had a liquid filled widget on his keychain and a lighter in his pocket. No biggie though, he just had to leave them behind.

I am on the way to InterBike, the bike industries annual trade show, for the first time in about eight years and traveling with John Schlick, a local inventor who has a new take on the traditional bike frame design. I don’t know if we are sitting together yet but probably not. I did the online check-in and boarding pass thing on the site. I also ponied up the 15 clams for a window seat after seeing that my seat assignment was center one. The Airbus 319 is NOT a wide body that’s for sure. I like looking out the window anyway.

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