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InterBike 2006 in Las Vegas

I am waiting Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee for the three and a half hour flight to Las Vegas. I got here 75 minutes in advance of the flight but made it to the gate in about 15 minutes including checking a bag and so have an hour to kill before the flight leaves.The check-in procedure went fine. The security checkpoint was pretty quick too. Everyone seemed to breeze through pretty easily. I only noticed one guy who didn’t seem to know the latest contraband list and had a liquid filled widget on his keychain and a lighter in his pocket. No biggie though, he just had to leave them behind.

I am on the way to InterBike, the bike industries annual trade show, for the first time in about eight years and traveling with John Schlick, a local inventor who has a new take on the traditional bike frame design. I don’t know if we are sitting together yet but probably not. I did the online check-in and boarding pass thing on the site. I also ponied up the 15 clams for a window seat after seeing that my seat assignment was center one. The Airbus 319 is NOT a wide body that’s for sure. I like looking out the window anyway.

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