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Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse Battery Life

I got the low battery notification from the Wireless Mighty Mouse today and since I originally got this thing about July 30th it looks like about 4 months of life out of the packaged with the mouse Energizer Lithiums. Don’t know how much longer they could have lasted but I took them out and threw in some standard AA Coppertops. I’d have waited to see how long they “run on empty” but I kept getting a low battery warning annoying me so I won’t find that out. One noticeable thing about the lithium batteries. They are lighter by quite a bit. I’ll find some more just for that reason. I suspect they last longer as well. All in all, I think the life was very good considering I never shut the thing off and use it every day for several hours.

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Ain’t Technology Cool Sometimes?

Ya’der hey, and you bettcha it is.

I was supposed to have a conference call this afternoon with one of those Free Conference Call type services but it had a standard phone number, not a tool-free line, so I figured as long as Skype is still free on the Skype Out end that I’d set up the Macbook Pro to use a headset for the call. First I hooked up a Plantronics DSP 500 and that worked fine. Call never happened, rescheduled until tomorrow, but I did a bunch of tests in anticipation and all went well.

A cool thing about Skype is that is mutes iTunes when you make or receive a call. I like that little extra.

Another cool thing about Skype is that I can tell the Mac to send all normal sounds through the built in speakers or externally connected speakers and direct the Skype sound to the headset. Pretty cool but not that useful if you have to wear a full headset like the Plantronics. That feature is cool when I decided to try my motorola HS820 Bluetooth headset for kicks to see if it would pair with the MacBook and what do you know, it does. So, now I can get my Skype calls on the HS820 and have the other system sounds coming out of the regular speaker setup. Pretty cool.

I never got in to using the HS820 with my Razr. I don’t use that phone all that much where having the Klingon look is really necessary but this new use for the 820 seems to be just what the doctor ordered.

We’ll see how it goes tomorrow for the big call.

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Ordered Aperture

Well, the trail version did its job. Kudos to Apple for finally releasing a pro tool as a trial version. After ten days or so of using and playing with the 1.5 trial version I stepped up to the plate and ordered the full version from Amazon.

So far here are some things I really like:

  • I can gather previews from all my catalogs across all my drives and then sort and rate with out having to be connected the the actual media.
  • I love the new loupe that stays in one place while I move the cursor to the area I want to see enlarged.
  • I installed a Flickr plug-in that is really slick. it lets me upload directly into Flickr
  • The easy rating system

I am testing Aperture by running it on my MacBook Pro because having this tool on the road is important. I figure it will be better on the G5 with the good graphics card and the 23-inch display. Aperture runs fine but if I have Parallels, a couple of browsers, Photoshop, Skype and a few other applications running it does slow down even with 2 Gigs of RAM.

One of the reason I got the full version is so I can have an install on my G5 as well.

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Aperture 1.5 Trial

I am again trying Aperture since the recent posting of the fully functional trial for Aperture version 1.5. So far so good. I imported about 10,000 photos and am working trough them much more quickly than I did when I was using iView Media Pro 3. I really like the full screen version.

After reading reviews I was almost ready to make the commitment to Aperture anyway but having the trial version is helping me see if it will really work in my situation before plunking down the 300 clams for the full version.

More on this as I use it.

FYI, I am running Aperture on my MacBook Pro with 2GB of RAM but will get it installed on the G5 as well; just as soon as that video project is finished!

Building a Pump Track

Well, to get back into biking, and because I think they look really fun, I am building a pump track in the backyard.

I had an R/C mini stadiumcross truck track that my daughter and I used that is going to form the basis. A side benefit is that we will still be able to use the track as an R/C playground, just with bigger and better jumps and terrain to play on.

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