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Ordered Aperture

Well, the trail version did its job. Kudos to Apple for finally releasing a pro tool as a trial version. After ten days or so of using and playing with the 1.5 trial version I stepped up to the plate and ordered the full version from Amazon.

So far here are some things I really like:

  • I can gather previews from all my catalogs across all my drives and then sort and rate with out having to be connected the the actual media.
  • I love the new loupe that stays in one place while I move the cursor to the area I want to see enlarged.
  • I installed a Flickr plug-in that is really slick. it lets me upload directly into Flickr
  • The easy rating system

I am testing Aperture by running it on my MacBook Pro because having this tool on the road is important. I figure it will be better on the G5 with the good graphics card and the 23-inch display. Aperture runs fine but if I have Parallels, a couple of browsers, Photoshop, Skype and a few other applications running it does slow down even with 2 Gigs of RAM.

One of the reason I got the full version is so I can have an install on my G5 as well.

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