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Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse Battery Life

I got the low battery notification from the Wireless Mighty Mouse today and since I originally got this thing about July 30th it looks like about 4 months of life out of the packaged with the mouse Energizer Lithiums. Don’t know how much longer they could have lasted but I took them out and threw in some standard AA Coppertops. I’d have waited to see how long they “run on empty” but I kept getting a low battery warning annoying me so I won’t find that out. One noticeable thing about the lithium batteries. They are lighter by quite a bit. I’ll find some more just for that reason. I suspect they last longer as well. All in all, I think the life was very good considering I never shut the thing off and use it every day for several hours.

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One thought on “Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse Battery Life

  1. Very useful indeed. I have been searching and searching for information regards battery life — but no-one said if they switched it off or not! Thank you very much.

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