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Installing WordPress 2.1 and Working With Ecto

I did a fresh install of WordPress 2.1 for today. All went well and I like the new ability to select a “Page” to be the “Home” page. You then assign a different page to be the “Posts” page. Nice for this type of site.

I use Ecto to update my blogs and wanted it to manage posts on the new MMS Works site but initially it didn’t grab the categories and posts from WordPress. It just hung up. Well, thanks to this post I now have Ecto working with the 2.1 install.

Seems a change to the xmlrpc.php file will fix it.

You must edit your xmlrpc.php. Find:

‘categoryId’ => $catid,

and change to:

‘categoryId’ => (string) $catid,

Also seems that this will be included in the next WordPress update.

Now on to the fixing of the IE7 display issue!

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My Latest Column is in the February 2007 Model Aviation Magazine

I did a guest column for Dave Garwood’s Slope Soaring section of the February 2007 AMA Magazine Model Aviation. It is mostly about the trip Dave Kramer and I made to Soar Utah 2006 over the Labor Day weekend. In true Slope Safari from we explored along the way and found several flying spots to revisit on future trips.

The Soar Utah event is a biannual gathering of slope soaring pilots from all over the US who converge on Salt Lake City and the slopes in the surrounding area.

iWoW iTunes SRS Plug-in

I played around with this plug-in for a while today. It was one of MacUpdate’s deals of the day and at $12.00 (40% off the regular $19.95) it seemed like a good deal

I ended up playing with the settings for most every song I listened to on my Dual 2.0 G5 with M-Audio Studiophile SP-5B’s running digital in through an M-Audio 2496 Super DAC (This is my mixing and mastering speaker set up and for that work I really like the flat response and the in-your-face sound field the SP-5s create.) I was trying to get the perfect settings. What worked for one song did not, necessarily, work for another. It seemed like I needed to tweak it for every song and especially if it was a change in Genre, say Metal to Jazz. Bummer because my playlists are pretty eclectic with the musical style varying a lot from song to song. Too much overhead for me. I think that if you listen to similar musical styles a lot you may get by with a standard setting like the preset “Rock” or other Genre. With the SRS on at my mix volume it was usually too much processing and I liked the clean sound straight through the SP-5s. It always sounds like the high-end of the frequency spectrum is getting muddied or something. At low volume, the type I like to work with in the background when I am doing web coding or writing, I liked the added presence of iWoW doing just a touch of work. It seems to open up the sound stage some.

Unfortunately, on my G5 running 10.4.8 there is a bug or conflict that does not let me see the iWoW window after I close it. Couldn’t do anything to get it back. It does not show up in the “Window” menu like it is supposed to. I reinstalled it and as long as I don’t shut the window using the “x” it seems to be working even after I quit iTunes and restart. Weird.

On my MacBook Pro I tried it with both the stock speakers, where I noticed the biggest improvement in sound quality and fidelity, and with my Grado S-80 headphones where it was a waste. The Grados are so good that any processing just muddied up the sound. The stock speakers, however, are so poor normally that some of iWoW’s voodoo actually helped quite a bit, especially being able to move the apparent crossover frequency with the “Speaker Size” control.

So, because of the bug on the G5 and the way I normally listen to music I guess I’ll just leave it installed on the MacBook Pro for those times when I have to use the built in speakers. That seemed, to me, the biggest bang for the buck anyway.

You can find a Mac or PC version at

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Milwaukee 365 Project

Well, I seem to have gotten off track a bit on this project which is an attempt to post a photo a day for a year of Milwaukee on my Flickr page. It started because I was trying out a Demo of the FlickrExport Aperture Plug-in from Fraser Speirs at Connected Flow. Cool plug-in by the way. It makes short work of getting photos from Aperture posted on Flickr. Anyway, it looks like January 6th was the last time I posted a photo. I have photos from most of the days between then and now but I want to get back on track posting the pix the same day I shoot them.

I haven’t decided how to handle days when I am out of town or just plain miss getting a photo. I have a bunch of pix I took on other days that I could use which is probably what I’ll do.

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LEG EPP Building Clinic DVD Set is Finally Done!

I’ve been working on the editing and getting this project ready for distribution for about a year and a half! Jack Cooper of Leading Edge Gliders and I shot the original footage during the Summer of 2005 I believe. I had to cull over 30 hours of footage from 2 cameras into the finished product that ended up being 7-plus hours and 4 DVDs! The 4-DVD set covers EVERYTHING about building a Leading Edge Gliders PSS slope plane. We take it from right out of the box through building, taping, covering, painting, weathering and even test fly it at the slope with plenty of great general rc slope soaring type info thrown in as well, so don’t think this is just for PSS guys. While this video concentrates on the building of one of Jack’s 60-inch PSS Warbirds, many of the tips and techniques are applicable to other EPP planes as well as model building in general.

On March 1st the price will be $54.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

If you get crackin’, and you order before March 1st, you can pick up an introductory set of the LEG EPP Building Clinic 4-Disc DVD Set for only $49.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

See more about the LEG EPP Building Clinic DVD Set at

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