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iTunes Complete My Album Feature

Kudos to Apple for finally doing this. There is no reason to have to pay for a song twice if you tried a track and then decide to buy the whole album. I had about 40 albums from which I bought songs but not the whole thing. I only “completed” one album, the other I wanted said it was being modified and to comeback later, but I also bought several songs from albums I’d previously purchased a song from. The reminder of the songs I’d bought was a nice tickler to look over the bands again and listen to the snippets to see if any other songs struck my fancy.

To find this new feature just go to the itunes home page at the iTunes Music Store and look on the right side in the “Quick Links” section and go to “Complete My Album”

Got the chicken Pox. At 43!

Well, I thought I’d never had them and was a bit worried when my 10-month old son contracted the chicken pox a few weeks ago and after a couple of weeks began to think that I must have had at least a mild case in the past that gave me the immunity but, alas, nope. The little buggers attacked with a vengeance last Tuesday so I went to the doctor who confirmed what they were.

After I told a few people I started to hear comments like “ohh! that can be bad if you’re an adult!” and “my friend had that when he/she was XX years old and almost died!” Yikes! I did a bit of research on the net and found, for the most part, healthy adults should weather the storm OK. It is folks with other, more serious, maladies that could have a problem or the really old folks. I guess it is some consolation that I got them now instead of when I am 80. “Kilt dead by the Chicken Pox” doesn’t seem like a great epitaph.

Later on Tuesday I got a call from the doctor saying there was a drug that may help if taken in the first 48 hours. I said bring it on. Acyclovar (sp?)

For most of last week I was miserable. Fever, hot/cold, achy, tired, plus, the little buggers popping up all over and itching, especially on my scalp, like mad. The most affected areas are my face/head and chest as well as my upper arms. There are a smattering elsewhere but maybe the drug arrested the outbreak before it got to my extremities. I did get a couple on the bottoms of my feet though. That sucks!

Now getting better but still really tired.

More later.

My Third Nikon DSLR, The Nikon D50

I started out with the D100 and then moved to the D200, which I really like, so you might be wondering why the Nikon D50 DSLR? Well, the main reason is that it weighs a lot less. I am going to be using the D50 on an aerial photography pole camera set up and the less weight 30-40 feet in the air the better. The pole can setup is still under construction but so far I have the poles, 40 feet of military aluminum antenna, the nikon D50 and a PRISM remote release. The PRISM plugs into an R/C aircraft receiver, and converts the servo control pulses to the infrared signal protocol necessary to trigger the shutter on the Nikon D50 digital camera. A very cool setup and handy when the camera is 40 feet in the air. I will be using a 2.4 Ghz Spread Spectrum aircraft RC unit so that I can pan and tilt the camera as well. That, coupled with a video down link will give me a good idea of what I am shooting.

Meanwhile, I have been shooting some shots with the D50 and the stock 18-55 Nikon lens. So far I really like the rig. Nice and light and, from what I’ve sees so far, the shots are great. I anticipate using it as a second camera when i am shooting with the D200 and the 70-200 2.8 that I love so much. Not having to switch lenses in a dusty windy environment like I so often shoot in will be great!

“Nikon D50 6.1MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED AF-S DX Zoom Nikkor Lens” (Nikon)

Cleaning the Wireless Apple Mighty Mouse

I’ve had my Wireless Mighty Mouse since it came out and it has been great. The rare times the scroll wheel has not worked involved just flipping it upside down and working the wheel over my pant leg and presto, it worked again. Until today.

I hunted a bit around the Internet and found this post about taking the mouse apart. But wait! Before you do that do what I did. Read the comments. #3, when I looked, was by Nu Tron and simply involved using Isopropyl alcohol and a cotton cloth. Worked like a charm. I’m glad I didn’t open the little bugger up. Seems like I often have extra pieces after doing something like that.

Garden Thyme WordPress Site

I recently built a WordPress powered site for friends in Fort Collins, Colorado. Their business, Garden Thyme, is one of the premier landscape gardening companies in Northern Colorado. The need for a site that the two principle people in the company could update regularly led us to a WordPress powered site. The new version 2.1 has some nice features that take the traditional blog style site and empower it to deliver a more business oriented need while still maintaining ease of use.

I also installed Gallery 2 and integrated it into the WordPress template. Showing the quality of work is important to the folks at Garden Thyme and Gallery2 is another great program that is easy to use and, in this case, great because of the ease with which it can be integrated into the WordPress site.

If you need landscaping in Fort Collins or Northern Colorado give Garden Thyme a look!

The Schlick Shark will be in Playboy Magazine!

schlick shark

A couple of Fridays ago John Schlick and I made a trip down to Chicago to Playboy’s corporate office to do a photo shoot with the Schlick Shark. It was great to see such a famous studio and meet the guys behind the lenses. These are the same guys who shoot all the lovely women for the mag. Turns out Playboy also does most of their product shoots for the articles in the magazine as well.

No girls this time. The bike will be in the Mantrack column in the May issue. Here’s looking forward to a bunch of interest in the Shark.

Check out the photo of the Shark under the lights! No less than 6 Speedotron heads to light up our beauty.

Working on the Schlick Cycles Project

schlick sharkMarch looks like it will be slower than I planned but that is a good thing. I need to work more on the cool and hip ride that is the Schlick Shark. The Shark is a revolutionary bicycle, designed by my friend John Schlick, that combines great looks with the ability to fit a wide range of riders. The crank-forward design allows riders to put their feet flat on the ground while still allowing full leg extension while riding. We are using an internally geared hub to give a wide gear ratio while maintaining good looks and ease of maintenance. Likewise the disk brakes are virtually maintenance free while providing excellent stopping power.
My immediate goal is to spruce up and repurpose a lot of the content at and to get us a bunch more traffic. I believe that if people see this bike and get a chance to ride it that the bike will sell itself!

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