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Working on the Schlick Cycles Project

schlick sharkMarch looks like it will be slower than I planned but that is a good thing. I need to work more on the cool and hip ride that is the Schlick Shark. The Shark is a revolutionary bicycle, designed by my friend John Schlick, that combines great looks with the ability to fit a wide range of riders. The crank-forward design allows riders to put their feet flat on the ground while still allowing full leg extension while riding. We are using an internally geared hub to give a wide gear ratio while maintaining good looks and ease of maintenance. Likewise the disk brakes are virtually maintenance free while providing excellent stopping power.
My immediate goal is to spruce up and repurpose a lot of the content at and to get us a bunch more traffic. I believe that if people see this bike and get a chance to ride it that the bike will sell itself!

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