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Got the chicken Pox. At 43!

Well, I thought I’d never had them and was a bit worried when my 10-month old son contracted the chicken pox a few weeks ago and after a couple of weeks began to think that I must have had at least a mild case in the past that gave me the immunity but, alas, nope. The little buggers attacked with a vengeance last Tuesday so I went to the doctor who confirmed what they were.

After I told a few people I started to hear comments like “ohh! that can be bad if you’re an adult!” and “my friend had that when he/she was XX years old and almost died!” Yikes! I did a bit of research on the net and found, for the most part, healthy adults should weather the storm OK. It is folks with other, more serious, maladies that could have a problem or the really old folks. I guess it is some consolation that I got them now instead of when I am 80. “Kilt dead by the Chicken Pox” doesn’t seem like a great epitaph.

Later on Tuesday I got a call from the doctor saying there was a drug that may help if taken in the first 48 hours. I said bring it on. Acyclovar (sp?)

For most of last week I was miserable. Fever, hot/cold, achy, tired, plus, the little buggers popping up all over and itching, especially on my scalp, like mad. The most affected areas are my face/head and chest as well as my upper arms. There are a smattering elsewhere but maybe the drug arrested the outbreak before it got to my extremities. I did get a couple on the bottoms of my feet though. That sucks!

Now getting better but still really tired.

More later.

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