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More Inbox Cleansing

Still working on this project but so far today I tossed 1,300 emails and moved to more permanent archiving scheme about 800 messages

I noticed that a lot of what was clogging the inbox arteries were subscriptions to newsletters, online order receipts and other flotsam that should be archived but mixed in were some important items I let slide and then forgot about. I could have probably finished the cleaning task today but I took time to do several of the more important jobs. Some dated back 9 months and more! Soon, my pretty, we will be in clean mode!

Currently my Inbox has 8 folders that filters route mail to for different businesses or tasks At this point 6 are completely empty and staying that way. There is one that has about 500 messages left in it that I am currently working on and a final 3,286 message monster that I am leaving for last because I am sure it has the most work to pare down. I will likely DMZ this one just to get a head start on a clean new box. Correction, I DID DMZ it just now. Feels better just thinking about it! This way I can give priority to new messages while working towards killing off the DMZ box. So, I guess like everyone who adopts this strategy, if you sent me an important message and did not hear back from me, now is the time to re oil the wheel.

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