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The Inbox Saga Continues

I think when I last wrote about the email cleansing I had some work left but I finally removed every email from the inbox with the exception of a DMZ for the slopeflyer email legacy. Well, I’ve pared that DMZ folder down from 3,286 to 2,599. Problem is that a lot of the emails really need some action. I was just putting it off. I am getting a lot of twiddly work done that should have been done when I received the emails.

Now, the new, empty boxes are staying clean with action happening every time I see an email, I respond and toss or archive the email, I do the bit of work requested or I stuff the email in the Needs Action folder if it is something that will take more time or is waiting for a response. Currently there are 18 items in the “Needs Action” folder but all others are clean. Yipee!

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