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iPhone Drops $200, Irks Some, Why? Ya Cry Babies!

Geez aren’t all the people who bought the iPhone in the first two months probably the same type of person? A serial tech, electronics and computer addict. Don’t they know how it goes with tech products? If not let me illuminate!

1. You wanted to be first on your block and decided that $499 (4GB) or $599 (8GB) was a fair price to be cool.

2. Did that fact that you new computer either costs less or has better features now than it did 2 months ago? Well, that should have been a clue.

3. Don’t get pissed so fast, there is a 10 day cost protection policy at Apple and if you are a real whiner, and don’t just take your medicine for being first, you can probably get that extended a few days.

4. First generation releases are always a bit iffy especially for a software product. There have already been 2 iPhone software updates with a 3rd on t he way. How about considering part of that $200 as tech support for what was basically a public beta project.

5. Ya shoulda waited like me. You know this would happen, but again, you just wanted to be first. If you’d have waited 2 months, heck I was willing to wait 6 months, you’d have either gotten a better product or, in this case a lower price. Better yet, for me, they discontinued a current model, the 4GB iPhone and are offering it for $200 less than before at $299. Now it makes sense to me to try the phone out. I still have the contract with Verizon to deal with though. The 8 GB iPhone is now $399 was $499.

6. Face it, you are a tech addict. Many of you’d have probably paid $1,000 just to get their greedy hands on them.

Anyway, instead of crying and whining, do something about it. Either demand something or shut it!

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