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My 15 month son showed me a new feature on my iPhone

My son likes phones. He pretty much gravitates to any phone so the iPhone is nothing special to him but pushing buttons is. On the iPhone there is really only one button to push so he has at it. Well, the other day he picked up the iPhone and it was locked and he rapidly pushed the home button a few times and it brought up the iPod controller! I didn’t know it did that, thanks little buddy!

Reminds me of another feature I found by accident. In fact, I even went to the Apple store to find out what it was and those guys couldn’t tell me. Seems when you have a song paused on the iPod function the name of the song shows up under the time instead of the date. I think this must have been changed with the 1.1.1 update because now the song name, and album cover as well, shows up only when the iPod is playing.

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