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American Micrographics

I am working with American Micrographics, a digital imaging and record retention service here in Milwaukee. We are doing a website to showcase the capabilities of the company. It is a cool place because not only can they do all the current digital imaging techniques but they have bunch of legacy machines like aperture card readers and several types of microfilm machines that represent several decades of record retention and archiving services. Converting these legacy storage systems to the digital age is an interesting process.

The website is, of course, WordPress driven and will ultimately include a custom skin and several plug-ins to add required functionality. At this point I am adding content and working on how the info flows. Skinning will be the final phase.

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April HFAY Mini-Z Races at Mini Speedway

We will be running the April HFAY races at the Mini Speedway shop on the weekend of April 25,26 and 27.The exact time is still being determined but the Mini Speedway site will have it posted when it is available.

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