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iPhone Saves Me $200

While waiting for AAA to come and fix the stuck key in my ignition I Googled the problem, found a solution and saved the inevitable locksmith fee. Sweet!

My new site about RC Rock Crawling

I’m working on a new site at that focuses on rc rock crawling. I plan to have it resemble the info that has for rc slope flying but for rc rock crawling instead. Info like places to rock crawl, rock crawling rigs, accessories and folks to meet up with will be included on the site. Hope it becomes as popular as!

My Axial Scorpion RC Rock Crawler

My Axial Scorpion RC Rock Crawler

Aurora Feint on the iPhone

Super game! I find myself playing whenever I have a few minutes to kill.

New Look for schmenzer speaks!

I found the cool WordPress Theme Generator and decided to give it a try. I’d been using the same theme on this blog for a few years and wanted to change it anyway and I liked the verson I made with the WPG well enough to use it as my new theme so that is what you are seeing now! It has some relationship to the old theme but is Widget aware and just more up to date. I still have some issues to work on but I’ll live with it for now.

Garrett at his first Brewers game

Garrett made it to his first Milwaukee Brewers game a couple of weeks ago. He did really well and I am proud of him for making it past the seventh inning stretch. More games to come I am sure.

I found a couple of pix on my iPhone and wanted to try the WordPress plugin so here they are!