schmenzer speaks!

Sloshin’ With Lee

Met Lee from Decorah and Ron from Rochfester. Proceded to a better dive bar than the Double Down. The latter now being a franchise looses that status!

Met many cycling luminaries along The Strip and at TI.

Arrived back at Terrible’s 2AM. Nicy-nice!

Feeling more chipper than I have a right to but the show beckons.

On to B-fast.

On my way to InterBike

Flying Frontier right now somewhere over Nebraska.

I missed last year’s show and am looking forward to seeing some folks I haven’t seen for a while. The people in the bike industry are some of the most interesting I’ve met and I always come back from a show energized and enthusiastic.just have to make sure to strike while the iron is hot!

We are looking for a few specific things at InterBike this year mostly around manufacturing for the Schlick Shark and another project we are working on.

More from the show!

Trukz truck driving simulation game

I just started being an over-the-road truck driver. No, I don’t even own a truck but with Trukz – A trucking simulation game – I can get a feel for the logistics and some of the issues truckers deal with every day. If I can make money in the game, maybe I ought to look at a real rig!

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