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Formula One at Night in Singapore – Too Cool!

There are some great pix of the first ever Formula One night race held in Singapore. Spectacular shots. Some of them almost look like super detailed models when looking from above. Reminds me of my AFX days! I wish I had a controller to run the real thing remotely!

Back from InterBike

We had a good trip and made some great progress on several projects including the Schlick Shark, Zize Bikes and some others that will be revealed shortly!

Pix to come.

Mark Laying Rubber During the Harley 105th

Took a while to get to this but here is Dave’s video clip of Mark’s wicked cool burnout in front of Rascal’s during the Harley 105th.

Hanging With Ed Begley

Just finished talking with Ed Begley Jr. at an Ebike demo In Las Vegas. Ed has been an electric vehicle advocate since 1970 or so and currently rides an iZip electric assisted bicycle. Lots of talk about how to become an advocate for this type of bike. We are looking for a way to work this in to the Shark!

Debachery Averted

Frick-n-frack! This place is a den of iiniquity. Temptations abound but iron will pushes temptation out the door; at least at Club Paradise!

Sloshin’ With Lee

Met Lee from Decorah and Ron from Rochfester. Proceded to a better dive bar than the Double Down. The latter now being a franchise looses that status!

Met many cycling luminaries along The Strip and at TI.

Arrived back at Terrible’s 2AM. Nicy-nice!

Feeling more chipper than I have a right to but the show beckons.

On to B-fast.

On my way to InterBike

Flying Frontier right now somewhere over Nebraska.

I missed last year’s show and am looking forward to seeing some folks I haven’t seen for a while. The people in the bike industry are some of the most interesting I’ve met and I always come back from a show energized and enthusiastic.just have to make sure to strike while the iron is hot!

We are looking for a few specific things at InterBike this year mostly around manufacturing for the Schlick Shark and another project we are working on.

More from the show!

Shiver Me Timbers, It Be ‘Nother Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Avast ye scurvy dogs, tis ‘nother fine day to talk like a pirate. Though it only ‘ficially be but once a year, ye can practice the year ’round!

Photos From Bike Races Around Milwaukee

I finally got pix from a couple of Superweek races, The Downer Ave. Criterium and The Whitefish Bay Criterium uploaded to Flickr as well as a bunch of shots at the WORS Mountain Bike Race at Crystal Ridge.

Trukz truck driving simulation game

I just started being an over-the-road truck driver. No, I don’t even own a truck but with Trukz – A trucking simulation game – I can get a feel for the logistics and some of the issues truckers deal with every day. If I can make money in the game, maybe I ought to look at a real rig!