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About time social network links come under scrutiny

This may not be the first post on the subject but it is the first time I’ve noticed it. Greywolf’s SEO Blog has a short article on a line in the Google Guide to SEO warning against artificially promoting links on popular social media sites.

Well, this goes along with Google’s apparent like for comments on blogs and the ensuing storm of comment spam that just about any blogger has to deal with. Yuck!

Look folks, real links and real comments are very valuable but pervasive and widespread abuse of both social networks and comments by commercial interests just kills the effectiveness and enjoyment of the information. When will it end!

Gotta love a guy who says buh-bye to WalMart

My dad always told me that he’d much rather build high-quality goods for a descerning market rather than junk for a mass market. The CEO of Simplicity/Snapper must have some of that same mojo when, after aquiring Snapper, {+} they decided not to sell through WalMart anymore. I like a story where the CEO really gets what his company makes, who he wants to sell to and where the company is heading. Three cheers for Jim Wier! To quote him “We’re obsessed with having differentiated, high-end, quality products.” Sweet! And, to paraphrase a friend, You can’t get that at WalMart!

Lots of Snow in Milwaukee

Leading up to Christmas Ma Nature has heaped the snow on here. After a few nominal snows in the 3 to 4 inch range we got 14 inches last Friday with more on Saturday and another 5 inches today with more coming. At this rate, with 8 days left in December we are on track to have our snowiest December ever! I like it. A lot of folks have been complaining but snow days, and the ensuing few days after, give us all a very good excuse to slow it down a bit.

Whitefish Bay Snow Day
Whitefish Bay Snow Day

As far as playing in the snow Garrett only lasted about 10 minutes. I assume he will grow to love it as most kids do. Sydney was another story. While I spent about 6 hours out in the snow on Friday mostly moving it from one place where it was a hinderance to another where it wasn’t, clearing off cars, getting doors unstuck and such, Syd was building a couple of nice snow forts. Between clearing off the sidewalks and the plows clearing the street there is about 4 feet of snow on the parkway between the sidewalk and the road. Perfect for digging out forts.


General Sydney
General Sydney

Sydney also gave her snowshoes a try but it looks like she is ready for the next size. While the snow was very soft and powdery it looked like she was sinking more than we thought she should be.

Saturday greeted us with -8 degree temps and -35d wind chills so outside activity was curtailed and a plan to go sledding was put on hold. It looks like the snow will be here for a while so hopefully we can get out and sled.

Customer Support from Lowepro

I did a dummy and slammed the buckle of my Lowepro Off Trail 2 camera bag in the car door a while back breaking one side of the substantial clasp. I’d thought about getting a new buckle but ended up forgetting after switching bags to a Lowepro CompuTreker AW to accommodate a new lens and my laptop all in the same bag. Well, now it has been a couple of years and I want to use the bag again for a Nikon D50 that I’m using as a backup camera to the D200. So, a quick email off to Lowepro was answered promptly with info and a contact number to order the replacement. Actually, two replacements. They sent me two different types so I could sue the one best suited to the bag. All in about a week. Very cool!

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