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I Chose Joomla for

This was somewhat of an agonizing decision. The Joomla vs WordPress debate. With all the work that is involved either way, making the right choice was important. While I am sure it will be more work initially, I chose Joomla mostly because I am convinced it can do the job and I need to learn more about how it works. I am confident that I could have used WordPress and the results would have been great but I already have a pretty good handle on that tool having done numerous sites with it. WordPress and Joomla approach site building differently and while I had a good picture in my mind of what I could accomplish with WordPress I really have no idea how I will structure the Joomla site and what the end result will look like.

You can see the new site in progress here.

Google is Next to Useless Today

Hopefully the boob who created the error is on the chopping block gets axed but currently all searches to Googls return the dreaded “This site may harm you computer” link and send you to a Malicious Software page making take longer to get where I am going. At least I can change my default search engine in Firefox to Yahoo for now! Maybe I’ll leave it there since apparently Yahoo can use my help as they lost $$$ last quarter.

What gets me is that I am on a Mac and am mostly immune to the types of attacks that could plague a run-of-the-mill PC user! Seems to me that Google could use a User Agent call to detect the fact that I am on a Mac and let me pass!

Leave Steve Alone

How much can one man take? I haven’t seen the kind of scrutiny that Steve Jobs is getting since, well, since I don’t know when. Heck, even outgoing, and good riddance to, former VP Chaney hardly even warranted a mention even though it is fairly obvious a man like him would not be moving his own boxes. Hmmmm, maybe he has cancer, or his dog is sick , or, well, again any number of plausible, or implausible explanations may present themselves.

My biggest beef with the coverage, and don’t get me wrong I’d like to know that my favorite CEO is going to be fine as much as the next guy, is that supposedly qualified guys are making diagnoses that are based on pure conjecture. No physical examination or any thing! WTF??? How about not speculating on, could be or might be without even seeing the guy. Practice medicine, not guess work.

Anyway, I hope the Steve is fine and that we can all get back to business as usual.

If anything, this is an opportunity for Apple to plant he seed that, even though it may be in the future, the company is fine with out the prodigal CEO.

Drive Free Cars!

I found this cool presentation called Drive Free, Retire Rich. I didn’t originally set out to work this plan, and my major downfall to realizing the full potential is that I don’t always do what I should, but I haven’t had a car payment for over 10 years and it sure is nice! The presentation made me realize just how much I’ve saved not driving brand new cars!

Give us back our money!

The more I read stories like this, this or this, the more pissed I get about what companies that were supposedly on the verge of collapse are doing with the money our government gave them to bail them out. How can Merill Lynch defend an extravagant CEO, suspect timing in bonus payments and a general air entitlement that seems to permeate the upper echelon of business when they are using OUR money to pay for unnecessary expenses. The current economic environment has not been kind to my own business but I haven’t gotten any handouts, I’ve significantly cut back on both business and personal expenses and I am being more creative in both how I try to get new business and the work I am willing and able to do. Get a clue!

WordPress vs Joomla

I am going to redo the site and have been thinking about replacing the Article Manager CMS that is powering the site now. While Article Manager has met my needs for the past several years it simply doesn’t have some of the functionality I want to include in the redesign.

I had almost decided to do it in WordPress when I reinvestigated Joomla. I even had a nice Premium Theme I purchased that looked like it would do the job. However, I really like some of the extensibility in Joomla and now I am not so sure.

Currently has about 650 pages and about 2,000 photos that I will have to migrate so I want to make sure I get it right the first time.

I have done a bunch of WordPress sites and pretty much know what it is about but my experience with Joomla is limited with most of the investigations I did of it a year or more ago.

If anyone has comments on pros and cons of using one over the other, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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