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Macworld Keynote 2009

iLife 09


  • Faces feature is very cool using Face Recognition and Face Detection to help organize your photos
  • Places organizes by Geotag
    • Geotagging support
    • Google Maps display of Geotagged photos
  • Flickr and Facebook Export
  • New themes for books and slideshows
    I really love the books! Super high quality.


  • Phil recognized that while iMovie 08 had a cool way to work some still wanted to work in a different way and with more control
  • Neat editing demo probably better to watch than to explain.
  • Image stabilization. Very cool! Hope this helps get some better YouTube videos out there!
  • Animated Maps in movies

Garage Band

  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Guitar or Keyboard
  • 9 basic lessons included free
  • Artist Lessons Popular Artists will teach you how to play their songs $4.99
  • Downloadable so more will be added with a built in store

iLife 09 will be available in late January 09

iWork 09


  • New animation tools
  • Magic Move transitions between slides
  • Object transitions
  • Text transitions
  • Chart animations
  • More themes
  • Again, watching the Demo will really show these features to good effect.
  • Very cool Keynote remote application for the iPhone or iPod Touch .99 in the App Store


  • Full screen view removes distractions from the screen
  • Dynamic Outlines
  • Mail Merge with Numbers as well as Address Book
  • MathType and EndNote integration
  • 40 new templates


  • Table Categories categorize by columns
  • Easy formula writing over 250 functions
  • New Chart options
  • Charts linked to Pages so updates are easy
  • Spreadsheet templates

iWork 09 is available immediately

Mac Box set $169 iLife, iWork, Leopard coming at the end of January. Great price!

  • Free Beta
  • New service to share docs with others by invitation
  • Mac or PC browser
  • Add Comments and Notes
  • Downloads in Pages, PDF or WORD
  • Final site will be a paid service

17″ MacBook Pro

  • 1920×1200 screen
  • Anti Glare options
  • 2.93GHz
  • Up to 8GB Memory
  • Nvidia Graphics
  • up to 2 256GB SSD
  • New battery technology
  • Up to 8 hours
  • 1,000 recharges
  • Integrated to remove all the overhead of a removable battery
  • $2799


  • new pricing in April .69/.99/1.29 allowing companies more flexibility in pricing

iTunes Plus

  • Higher encoding rate
  • 8 million songs DRM free starting today 2 million more by end of the quarter so all 10,000,000 songs are available DRM free via iTunes plus.

iPhone version of iTunes

  • WiFi and now works on 3G networks starts today
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