schmenzer speaks!

Leave Steve Alone

How much can one man take? I haven’t seen the kind of scrutiny that Steve Jobs is getting since, well, since I don’t know when. Heck, even outgoing, and good riddance to, former VP Chaney hardly even warranted a mention even though it is fairly obvious a man like him would not be moving his own boxes. Hmmmm, maybe he has cancer, or his dog is sick , or, well, again any number of plausible, or implausible explanations may present themselves.

My biggest beef with the coverage, and don’t get me wrong I’d like to know that my favorite CEO is going to be fine as much as the next guy, is that supposedly qualified guys are making diagnoses that are based on pure conjecture. No physical examination or any thing! WTF??? How about not speculating on, could be or might be without even seeing the guy. Practice medicine, not guess work.

Anyway, I hope the Steve is fine and that we can all get back to business as usual.

If anything, this is an opportunity for Apple to plant he seed that, even though it may be in the future, the company is fine with out the prodigal CEO.

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