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No More Hulu on Boxee :(

I am in the process of dumping Time Warner Cable TV and had been looking forward to putting my Boxee / EyeTV replacement into place. The Hulu announcement it is pulling its content from Boxee is a bummer. I’ve been a Hulu fan for a while now and the integration was nice. Well, for $80-plus dollars a month savings I guess I’ll have to live with the change but this seems like a way for Hulu to alienate some of its best supporters.

I saw it here first:

Scrub a Dub Oil Change Coupon On My iPhone

I went for an oil change today and was waiting in line when I noticed I’d forgotten a coupon to save a few bucks on the service. So, I looked up Scrub a Dub on my iPhone and found a $6 off web coupon that you are supposed to print out and bring in. I showed the coupon on the iPhone to the attendant and asked him if I could use it even though I didn’t have a paper copy. He looked at the image on the iPhone, chuckled a little, and said “Why not!”. Sweet! Another $6 saved by having the iPhone.

SitePoint Austrailian Bushfire Relief Sale

Through February 13th you can get a super deal on 5 PDF books from a good selection of Management, Website Building and Coding titles for only $29.95 with the entire amount being donated by SitePoint (a Melbourne, Austrailia company) to the needs of those affected by the fires.

The money raised will be donated to the Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009. It will go to aid the many Victorians whose homes, livelihoods, and loved ones have been lost, and who are now faced with the struggle of rebuilding their lives.


If Twitter is going to be useful using it has to fall into my normal, chaotic, work flow without much overhead. Twitbin is a Firefox extension for keeping track and updating Twitter and integrates into the sidebar and shows some promise as a good way to do a couple of things at once. So, I installed it.

After using it a bit I moved the Firefox sidebar to the Right side with a smidgen of code as described here:

Moving it to the right just suits my browsing style more. For some reason the left sidebar always distracted me.

So far so good. It seems to work well and having it there reminds me to Tweet if I find something useful.

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