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Twitter Updates for 2009-03-19

  • Heading out for a short ride on the Bontraeger. Had to find the SIDIs so I could use those clippy things on the pedals. #
  • Back from my ride. just under 30 minutes, 6 miles, 13mph average. The Rock Shox SID needs air! #
  • The Runkeeper app stopped recording about half way through my ride. I had the iPhone in my pocket and I assume a button got pushed. Need Mt. #
  • Heading to the slopeflyer shop. #
  • Detour to Greenfield News and Hobby #
  • Working on a LEading Edge Gliders Fat Albert. #
  • Man-o-man the youth are extra loud tonight! #
  • I don’t normally use coffee. Today is a double espresso day! #notexpresso #
  • NE wind today. Going to try to fly about 11AM at Atwater Beach. #
  • @bartka Unless you specifically sell the rights. They are yours. A contract would remove all doubt. in reply to bartka #
  • @ChrisSpagnuolo For a real change It would be nice to see the pay for advertising, get a good review form of journalism go away. Mags/News in reply to ChrisSpagnuolo #
  • Bundling up for a recon mission to the slope. Mirko says Atwater is too north so I am trying Big Bay. #

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