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Twitter Updates for 2009-03-27

  • RT @RacerRick – Air show is back on this summer. July 25-26. [Awesome!] #
  • Relocating your yard debris to my yard with a leaf blower is NOT an option! #
  • @AlKrueger I never stopped using it. I’m stoked it is making a comeback! in reply to AlKrueger #
  • Went for a bike ride with my daughter, 10 years old. 3.7 miles – 26 minutes. Have to raise her seat. #
  • Hey, jerk, why does my car have to vibrate from your crap music? #
  • @robodaniel in our neighborhood it clogs the sewers too! in reply to robodaniel #
  • I are love my Swobo! #
  • Margo Timmins voice, mmmmm! #
  • When you are my age is 10 years short term memory? #
  • @svdodge Nice! If I did that I’d be up ’till tomorrow for sure! in reply to svdodge #
  • My son calls Talking Heads Psycho Killer the Yi Yi song. #

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