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Twitter Updates for 2009-03-29

  • With a nod to EVS – Who do you know wants to buy a 9 foot wooden airplane propeller? – #
  • Works fine! Stop it down with the depth of field preview and most bodies will meter. Dark viewfinder though. #
  • Going to a movie with the fambily. #
  • I was asuming a film body. I believe on a DSLR you can only use them wide open. #
  • Monsters vs Aliens it is! #
  • I’m not a fan of big theaterplexes. On the plus side, Monsters vs Aliens was pretty good. #
  • The boy went to Monkey Joe’s with his Aunt while we were at the movies. I hope she isn’t crazy now! #
  • @d41m What do you like about tubeless? Been thinking about the switch. in reply to d41m #
  • Slippery out there, folks. Several spinouts on the way back from Waukesha. #
  • Why does the bike industry need car branded bikes? #
  • Good snow out there for snowmen! #
  • Wishing I’d gotten rid of that last GoLive site years ago! #

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