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Weekly Tweet List on 2009-04-26

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Weekly Tweet List on 2009-04-19

  • Working on a Sunday and Easter to boot! Presentation tomorrow that needs lots of polish. #
  • Over 15 hours of work on an Easter Sunday. Sheesh! I hope it is worth it tomorrow. #
  • @hbk2flyer Curious about the Twinstar. I love mine stock but in wind it could use more grunt. Buddy has big 4-blade props on his! in reply to hbk2flyer #
  • @chrispirillo Google pimps commerce! Comes from being driven by ad revenue. in reply to chrispirillo #
  • @Gary_Fisher You going to be at the WI Bike Summit on Tuesday as well? Great to have advocates like you there! in reply to Gary_Fisher #
  • Stopped flying at Atwater when the sleet started. #wislope #
  • I reckon I’ll give that turning in for the night bit a try. #
  • Beautiful short biking movie #
  • OK, now I really am going to try for some sack time! #
  • @RacerRick How many are playing chess? City workers that is! Look in a manhole and you never know what you’ll see! in reply to RacerRick #
  • 15mph wind at Big Bay. Going to brave the cold for a short flight before heading to the shop. #wislope #
  • Gloves = FAIL! #
  • Wind Meter App on my iPhone seems accurate. 21 mph at Big Bay. Wish it read higher than 28 mph. #
  • @BlatzLiquor – Bacon in liquor = Bacon Martini. Double Down Saloon, Las Vegas. in reply to BlatzLiquor #
  • @simonmcconico If you already have a CPA they will do it for you. in reply to simonmcconico #
  • @JoeSteve iPhone! So much more than just a phone. The Wind Meter App is priceless! in reply to JoeSteve #
  • Slope soaring trip to SD is on. Leaving Thursday. #sdslope #
  • It is the beginning of Shop Organization week (month?). #
  • @JoeSteve Mine has saved me more than that! One instance of a FAIL ignition lock in my van saved $180 in one crack! in reply to JoeSteve #
  • Bye-bye Lawill Leader3 fork! Back to ridged. #
  • Old school MTB bling! Paul’s, Ti bar and stem, Lawill Leader 3, Ti spokes #oldskool #
  • MTB skull and shock- #
  • New skins needed for the Alpina 507 – #
  • Maxxis Hookworms for the Univega. City bike for sure. – #
  • New meats installed on the Univega – #
  • Another Marilyn passes. Bye, Ms. Chambers! #
  • If that game is for amusement only, why am I not amused? #
  • Eating a doughnut. My daughter bought it for me. How can I say no?! #
  • Don’t grow up and you’ll never have to choose! #
  • Trying to get work done so I can leave for an SD flying trip tomorrow. #
  • @jeniphersob I don’t know, but if you want to start a company that does that, I would be great! Once I know something will work, I ‘m done. in reply to jeniphersob #
  • Check out the 3.67 mi bike ride I did with @runkeeper #runkeeper #
  • @boneshakerbike – Ball of foot here. in reply to boneshakerbike #
  • 12 to 15 at Big Bay. Just had a several Weasel flights. Woodpecker to the left, Weasel to the right, here I am! #wislope #
  • Heading to the painter to pick up bike frames. #
  • 46 at the lake. 61 in Greenfield! #lakeeffect #
  • Getting a late start. Little wind but heading to the point. #sdslope #
  • Flew the city park for a while this AM. Wind switched. Moving to the other side of the river now. #sdslope #
  • Erwin flew great! Maiden on Dave’s Ruby went well. Weasels out there now. #sdslope #
  • SD guard F-16 just flew over. 500 FT or less! #sdslope #
  • Good first day of flying in SD. Several maiden filghts. Vector2 was great. V-Ultra got a good work out. #sdslope #
  • Heading to Jackie’s in Pukwana,SD for food. Yum! I wonder if it is lawnmower racing season yet? #
  • Heading to The Pasture early. A line of precip is coming in a couple of hours. #sdslope #
  • Got to The Pasture early this AM for some flight time before the rain. Vector2, Pica, Zipper and more flew well. Great lift!. Rain Now. :-(. #
  • Precip most of the day. Quite a bit of flying in the rain while sitting in the car. Lots of fun! #sdslope #
  • @MarkRCSoaring got a Wasp as raffle prize for the Midwest Whatever Fest next weekend. Some lucky winner will be happy! #wislope in reply to MarkRCSoaring #

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Weekly Tweet List on 2009-04-12

  • Just flew Atwater Beach for a bit. Cold but decent lift. #
  • I bought the @MacHeist 3 Bundle. 12 Top Mac apps worth $900+ for just $39 AND I just got Delicious Library 2 FREE! #
  • Setting up bike frame photos – #
  • Nice job with the stats, FSN. #
  • Working on a database conversion. My favorite, NOT! #
  • Taking small people to their destinations. #
  • Invent a buzz word, teach it to me, and I’ll make sure it gets beaten to death. #
  • My plants are like me, tattered and thirsty. #
  • East winds forecast for tomorow. I wonder where I’ll be! #
  • @bartka If you never did the timing belt it is a lot cheaper than bent valves! Water pump is right there so you save labor later. in reply to bartka #
  • Catching up on RSS feeds. Only every 3 days or so now! #
  • @robodaniel Great! I just hope folks remember to dispose of them properly. Mercury is a bummer in a fill. in reply to robodaniel #
  • Masters of Reality still rocks! Doraldina’s Prophecies. #
  • You have so many stickers on your car I am not sure who you are. #
  • @mkedave Less $$ and more innovation in F1, please! in reply to mkedave #
  • @boneshakerbike Meh! They always rode harshly anyway. in reply to boneshakerbike #
  • @jeniphersob Mayhaps you are in ‘stallis? in reply to jeniphersob #
  • Jargon speak: need to travel at the speed of light to stay ahead of the wolf pack. #tripe #
  • Sculpture, bike frame, which one of these? – #
  • @boneshakerbike I’m rocking a Teesdale. Steel is real! in reply to boneshakerbike #
  • Heading to the lake to offer up a plane to the East Wind. #
  • Meh! Wind is still lite. I’ll try again at 3:30. Atwater Beach. Back to the shop. #
  • @boneshakerbike – Gotta love TET. I’ve been working with him on prototypes and short run production stuff for over 15 years. in reply to boneshakerbike #
  • Unboxing 2 prototype bikes! #
  • The wind speed never came up today but at least it was NE for a while and I got a couple of Weasel flights in. #
  • Helping young daughter make b-fast in bed for mommy. #
  • Just met with @Teecycle_Tim. Very productive! Thanks, Tim! #
  • @Gary_Fisher Sweet helmet, Gary! in reply to Gary_Fisher #
  • Fox Sports camera work and production quality for the Brewers is sure lousy! #
  • Corey Hart solo HR. I heart Hart. #
  • Sweet! Safe at the plate! 4-3 Brewers Win! #
  • When my kids got separate bedrooms I made an office in the basement. Don’t like it so now I am working in the patent’s room, my old office. #
  • @sarandipity I got caught up in it last season. Good show that is not too repetitive. in reply to sarandipity #
  • @mattmcegg My dad used to say that song reminded him of me…for some reason. in reply to mattmcegg #
  • @talktostrangers Always nice to ride into the wind during the first part of a ride. Wind at your back on the way home rules. in reply to talktostrangers #
  • @electricwingman Yeah, I have one like that too but it is FAST! in reply to electricwingman #
  • @Teecycle_Tim Did you see yourself here? – #
  • Big Bay is working pretty well if you need a slope fix in SE WI. #wislope #
  • @iphonegirl Been using Runkeeper for bike rides. Works well as long as I don’t accidentally hit a button. Motivation from tech and play! in reply to iphonegirl #
  • At BBC for lunch. #
  • Haven’t used Stanza lately. I still like it but am reading “real” books recently. #
  • Staying home with my son because he’s sick. Mom and daughter off to the Easter service. #

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Weekly Tweet List on 2009-04-05

  • Going to my daughter’s 4th grade orchestra concert. #
  • @littletinyfish Nice! Wheel building is sure an art form. in reply to littletinyfish #
  • Updating #
  • Going to check out a paint shop to see if they can do a good job on bicycle frames. Anyone got suggestions? #
  • @BikeInk Taco! Did ti 10 minutes into a ride on a new wheel. Bummer. Took it off, banged it on the ground, jumped on it. Got me home. in reply to BikeInk #
  • @ladyhero iPhone all the way! in reply to ladyhero #
  • See you April 2nd. You can’t pull the rswill over my ea #
  • Taking bike frames to the paint shop. #
  • Painting the second half of the floor in the new shop! #
  • UPS just dropped off 6 more bike frames! #
  • Photogs, I’m looking for a roll of back drop paper any local Milwaukee resources? #
  • Photographing Zize bike frames. #
  • Working on a new Schlick Cycles frame design. #
  • @peterurban Pix of some coming soon. Others are still in design/prototype stage. in reply to peterurban #
  • Lots of bike websites sure are complicated for showing a simple product. #
  • @LukeStory go for the Jamis! in reply to LukeStory #
  • At Sobelman’s snacking. #

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iPhone Bike Mount

I am looking for a good solution for carrying my iPhone while I bike. I have been using Runkeeper to track my rides and if the phone is in my pocket it sometimes gets inadvertently turned off. An on bike mount would be ok but I ride several different bikes and don’t want to switch every ride. I thought about an arm band but don’t care for how it feels and looks kinda geeky anyway. Maybe just a CEO-style case? Meh! I’ll figure it out.

UPDATE: I did a review over at Schlick Cycles on several different ways to carry the iPhone on my bikes. Check it out!

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-01

  • Going to check out a paint shop to see if they can do a good job on bicycle frames. Anyone got suggestions? #
  • @BikeInk Taco! Did ti 10 minutes into a ride on a new wheel. Bummer. Took it off, banged it on the ground, jumped on it. Got me home. in reply to BikeInk #
  • @ladyhero iPhone all the way! in reply to ladyhero #
  • See you April 2nd. You can’t pull the rswill over my ea #
  • Taking bike frames to the paint shop. #

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