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Wowzers! Over 1,000 spams in just a week or so. Me thinks it is related to the Twitter logs. Fine, I am turning them of. Doesn’t seem like a very good way to use my blog anyway. Prolly ought to pay more attantion here and do some real updates once in a while.

Unrelated! It was Garrett’s 3rd Birthday today and it was a good one. Among the many great presents was an Adams Run Bike. He’s already taking to it and I really look forward to the day when we can ride together instead of relegating him to the trailer.

Weekly Tweet List on 2009-05-03

  • Say Bye to Jack from LEG! Thanks for coming, buddy! #wislope #
  • Tough weekend for pix of the MWWF event in the rain and fog. Working on them in Aperture. #wislope #
  • Change “faithful” to “facebook” in the Pearl Jam tune of the same name and you have an interesting song! #
  • Audio editing Teleseminar files. #
  • Updating Working on pix from the South Dakota trip. #slopeflyer #sdslope #
  • @svdodge Yeah, bummer. Happened to me too. I went with the plastic cover and the special bolts to keep it on. So far so good. in reply to svdodge #
  • Heading to the shop. Gotta get that place productive again. It has been too long! #
  • Installed new wiper blades in 27 seconds. I am quite the shade tree mechanic. No? #
  • @SuburbNews That Deep Tunnel is working out well! No? in reply to SuburbNews #
  • @RacerRick “whooosh” usually means mail going out. in reply to RacerRick #
  • Out of AM meetings and heading to the shop shortly. More rocks to move today. Yipee! #
  • Finalizing bike production details for Zize. #
  • Lookinf for a bike for my son. He will be 3 in a couple of weeks. Any MKE folks got one that has been outgrown? #
  • @edcetera Frank isn’t usually one to turn down a beer! in reply to edcetera #
  • Working on bike product shots. Learning how to remove the green screen we shot against. #
  • Son is not feeling well today. He is sleeping on the couch whle I get a bit of work done. Feel better, buddy! #
  • @brandonatrcca Sweet laydown shocks. Makes me want to go back to 1/10th! in reply to brandonatrcca #
  • @svdodge Nice! Gotta get a Nikon in his hands though! in reply to svdodge #
  • @simonmcconico PJ’s on Farwell smokes all the bigger chains. in reply to simonmcconico #
  • @onmilwaukee You mentioned a bunch of super burgers. Note: Nite Owl Drive-In on Layton is open for the summer again. Great Burger! in reply to onmilwaukee #
  • @jeniphersob I must admit, being a slacker is harder than it sounds. in reply to jeniphersob #
  • @newlocalmedia Rats! I never got there with my son for breakfast. I almost feel as bad as I did when Gordon’s on Center closed. in reply to newlocalmedia #
  • @newlocalmedia Gordon’s was a super counter-style restaurant on Center. Closed 15 years ago or so. in reply to newlocalmedia #

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