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Wilberg Community Planning Web Site

I am super stoked at how well the web site I recently finished for Wilberg Community Planning turned out.  Jan had a few previous sites but had always struggled to get updates done. The new site was done with WordPress and allows Jan to make timely updates as often as she needs.

An added bonus to working on this site was working with Tyra from Tessera Design on the template design. Tyra did the design in Photoshop and we had Sramek Design do the conversion to the WordPress template. Very smooth operation and the results are great!


On Being Busy

Being busy is a good thing, to a point! It is good to have some paying gigs but the time away from some pet projects has left me feeling a bit bummed. A couple of these projects are almost ready to start bearing some fruit though so I soldier on!

Bye-Bye Spam

Well it looks like my hunch was right. Disabling the poating of twitter update logs as posts to the blog seems to have killed off most of my comment spam. Only 24 in the last two weeks! Compare that to the over 1,000 count I had a few weeks ago and it seems obvious that I did a good thing!

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